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Cleanliness: It reduces pollution in the air we breathe, and creates no creosote build-up on fireplaces or chimney walls.

Safety: A gas flame is controllable and does not produce dangerous sparks, worrisome long-burning embers or chimney fires.

Convenience: Say goodbye to the many hours of buying, storing, chopping and hauling wood. Also once the fire is lit, no further effort is required.

Economy: A national survey indicates a savings of approximately 57% when gas logs are used instead of wood logs. Adding a fireplace can return 138% on investment at resale.

Comparison of Glass Types:

  Ceramic Glass Tempered Glass
Benefits: Unlimited life span
(provided it is protected and cared for)
Less Costly
Concerns: Cost is more expensive; can be 10 times more than tempered glass Life is limited

Note: Not all units are available in both glass options. Please refer to your manufacturer's catalog for glass offerings on specific units.

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